Quick and precise building data monitoring

Digital Building Passport will allow you to easily control status of your buildings and optimize costs. You have a real impact, for example on energy consumption! Sounds great, right?

What is Digital Building Passport all about?

Digital Building Passport allows you to comprehensively manage and control your buildings from the application level: plan renovations, optimize costs related to the maintenance of individual buildings and manage media consumption. Everything in one place, with access at any time! Thanks to the technologies used, you have a real impact on their better functioning, investment planning and cost savings.

Technology for buildings

Machine learning technology will help you predict future renovations and thus plan your expenses accurately.

Insight into building data

Detailed data of individual buildings in one place - You have access to all statistics and current data on media consumption.

Buildings self-regulation

Manage media consumption directly from the app - You have a real influence on e.g. energy consumption.

Energy Performance
of Buildings directive (EPBD)

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EU directive - remember to adapt to the requirements

According to The Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD) EU countries will have to establish stroner long-term renovation strategies, aiming at decarbonising the national building stocks by 2050...

Monitor your buildings data and
regulate from within the app


Gathering Building Data and Measurements

Digital Building Passport application offers the inside to the building measurements and data according to our smart technology and Machine Learning. Digital Passport is an integration Hub for hardware manufacturers and service providers that gather the data from digital meters. Thanks to APIs and Cloud solutions we become technology and standards agnostic.


Dynamic search for building and interactive dashboard

In the Digital Building Passport application you will see an interactive view in which you can easily find the investments you are interested in with assigned basic data. You can access detailed data by clicking into deeper views. Each of them shows data that will change depending on your settings and changes made.


Self-regualtion from within
an app

You can easily manage media consumption from the application level thanks to Self-regulation panel, which is a unique option thanks to which you have a real influence, for example on energy, gas or heating consumption. This leads to the optimization of media consumption, which has a real impact on cost savings.


Machine Learning

The main use of machine learning in the application is collecting, sorting and analyzing large data sets. The system can group the data according to the desired characteristics and process the collected information to draw conclusions from it - which facilitates the management of investments.

First of all, machine learning is used in all kinds of predictions. Based on the collected data, the system is able to predict parameters such as probable demand for e.g. energy and possible failures.